Tangible Cloud

Tangible Cloud gathered thirty people from different backgrounds (artists, designers, philosophers, economists, etc.) in two worksessions, which took place in May and June 2022 in Brussels. Together, they tried to imagine, through artistic practices, counter-narratives to the mainstream vision of digital: cloud computing.

A set of interviews was conducted with all participants in December 2023, follwing the worksessions, and a resitution of all the production was set in March 2023, at the KBK Gallery in Brussels.

This project was supported by ÉSA Le 75 and FRArt. It was initiated by Alex Leray, Antoine Gelgon, Romain Marula and Marianne Plano.

Counter-Narratives Worksession 18 - 21 May 2022 Green Fabric
Technological Myths Worksession 21 - 25 June 2022 Green Fabric
Tangible Cloud at KBK Exhibition 3 - 5 March 2023 Galerie KBK
Cloud Computing as Infrastructure en Seda Gürses Counter-Narratives Lecture
Infrables en The Institute for Technology in the Public InterestStevie Ango, Clyde Lepage Counter-Narratives Tangible Cloud at KBK Collective writting Performance Interview


The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest Stevie Ango, Clyde Lepage

Collective writting Performance Interview

The infrables are a creative practice to turn anecdotes of infrastructural shifts, into stories and fables. In this way, they narrate negative use-cases and un-fixing bug reports as a solidary praxis. They are collective articulations of what extractive digital infrastructures are, and what they are doing. Infrables identify oppressive infrastructures or tools, but they crucially incite re-imaginations of other infrastructural realities. What infrables can we tell to take-down cloud narratives and undo their violences?

Infrables written and performed
at Counter-Narratives

Alex Leray performing an Infrable at Counter-Narratives, May 2022.

A visual Infrable drawn at Counter-Narratives, May 2022.

Infrables Performances

Two texts have been performed at the Tangible Cloud exhibition, by Stevie Ango and Clyde Lepage. Here are sound recordings of the performances:

Clyde Lepage performing at the Tangible Cloud Exhibition, March 2023.

Infrables Posters

In the Tangible Cloud exhibition, multiple posters with quotes from the Infrables were made by Romain Marula. Download all the posters in pdf format.

Infrables posters, design by Romain Marula, Tangible Cloud Exhibition, March 2023.

Book-Keeping E-Life Faceless Lost no More Zoomfaces Infrables posters, design by Romain Marula, March 2023.

About TITiPI

The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI) is a trans-practice gathering of activists, artists, engineers and theorists initiated by Miriyam Aouragh, Seda Gürses, Helen Pritchard and Femke Snelting. TITiPI convene communities to articulate, activate and re-imagine together what computational technologies in the “public interest” might be when “public interest” is always in-the-making. TITiPI develop tools from feminisms, queer theory, Free, Libre and Open Source software, intersectionality, anti-coloniality, disability studies, historical materialism and artistic practice to generate currently inexistent vocabularies, imaginaries and methodologies. TITiPI functions as an infrastructure to establish new ways in which socio-technical practices and technologies might support the public interest. TITiPI activities include: workshops, lectures, bug reporting, consultancy, reading groups, policy analysis, public events, performances, exhibitions, audits, theory making, training and publishing.

Re-Used Infrastructure en Dennis de Bel Counter-Narratives Presentation Interview
Artistic Operating Systems
+ Digital Slöjd
en Brendan Howell Counter-Narratives Presentation Workshop Interview
Contingent Librarian en Simon Browne Counter-Narratives Presentation Interview
Life-Cycle Assessment as the Structure en Benjamin Gaulon Counter-Narratives Presentation Interview
From Appropriate Technology
to Permacomputing
en Marloes de Valk Counter-Narratives Tangible Cloud at KBK Presentation Workshop Interview
Parer à l’imprésentable fr Adrien Payet Counter-Narratives Lecture Interview
Mining the Cloud en Sofia Boschat-Thorez Counter-Narratives Presentation Interview
Impacts environnementaux du numérique
+ Métaphores visuelles et enjeux de matérialité
fr Thomas Thibault Counter-Narratives Presentation Workshop Interview
The Magical Relation to AI or
How to Live With Technical Alienation
en Tyler Reigeluth Technological Myths Presentation Interview
Perception as infrastructure,
the case of computer vision
en Nicolas Malevé Technological Myths Presentation Interview
Everyone everywhere all at once
+ Be? Here? Now?
en Dasha Ilina Technological Myths Tangible Cloud at KBK Presentation Workshop Interview
Atlas of the Cloud
+ World Brain
fr Stéphane Degoutin Technological Myths Presentation Projection Interview
Unfuck Nature with a Click:
Green Tech, Smart, Porn, & a bunch
of Technosolutionism
en Davide Bevilacqua Technological Myths Lecture Interview
Plonger dans la machine fr Lionel Maes Technological Myths Lecture Interview
Nuage Sensible fr Élie Bolard Technological Myths Tangible Cloud at KBK Presentation Workshop Interview
A Traversal Network
of Feminist Servers
en Wendy Van WynsbergheMartino Morandi Counter-Narratives Presentation Interview